Benefiting Non-Profits

The motivation for starting Beta Climbing is to be a company supported by climbers to protect the very thing they love to do. To be a collective voice for rock climbers. As many of you know, our planet is at a tipping point. We are in an unprecedented time when considering the health of our planet. For that reason, Beta Climbing is dedicated to supporting non-profits that help reverse the impact on climate change. It was extremely difficult to decide which non-profits to support. In the end, we decided to support the the Access Fund and One Tree Planted at this point in time.

The Access Fund

The Access Fund is an amazing organization looking to protect rock climbing lands, maintain, and to educate rock climbing safety. Even better, they help lobby to protect our public lands! Their founding principles were easy to resonate with. We’ve always had a passion to protect our planet and treat it with the utmost respect. To learn more about the Access Fund, click here.

One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted was selected for its global impact. Approximately, there is 412 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere and rising! Dishearteningly, this increase of CO2 over the last 10 years is anywhere between 100-200 times greater than what is understood to be normal. Trees are a great resource to help remove CO2 for the atmosphere and when you combine that with increasing biodiversity, reducing the likely-hood of flooding, health benefits, and having a positive social impact, planting trees has a massive benefit for humanity. To learn more about One Tree Planted, Click Here